Where’s Your Hope?

Fifteen days until Election Day and it seems as though the airwaves are filled with nothing but political ads etc.  While millions of our citizens strongly desire the re-election of our current President, millions of others are clamoring for a change.
It is normal for us humans to have our personal political leanings, whatever they might be.  If however, our hope for the future of this nation is more in a man than in the mercy and goodness of the Lord, our perspective is enormously skewed.
We have become a nation that owes more money than it could possibly ever pay back.  We have become a nation where only half of our children live with both parents, because of our out of control divorce rate.  We have become a nation where our heroes are grossly overpaid athletes and movie stars who play games or pretend for a living.  We have become a nation where pornography and obscenity of every kind is a way of life among millions. We have become a nation who accepts and even brazenly flaunts pre-marital sex, abortion on demand, adultery, homosexuality and now even same sex marriage; sins that the Lord calls shameful and an abomination.  We have become a nation that our parents and grandparents would barely recognize.  While our technology has soared, our character has plummeted.  While our citizens travel the world, worshipping abject materialism, many have no capacity to stay at home; preferring to seek adventure outside of the marriage and family unit.
With this said, how can the election of one man possibly right these wrongs?  Only a national repentance and a merciful God will ever return us to truly being “One Nation under God”.
The prophet Daniel (Daniel 9) once pleaded with the Lord to have mercy on his beloved nation of Israel.  May millions of us wisely take a cue from Daniel and do the same for our nation because if we fail to do so, our children and grandchildren will soon live in a nation that we today will barely recognize.
Bruce Vyverberg
Church Tonight Ministries
239 Lexington Place
Sevierville, TN  37862

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