What is on my mind is a real question. I had a conversation with a co-worker about politics and social problems. I exchanged opinions with him, I told him that I was concerned with people less fortunate than me. I would be willing to pay more taxes to help others. We also put together homeless bags to pass out. We try and do our part, even to our own hurt. He assumed I was a Democrat. What has this world come to. If you care about others you are a Democrat(by the way I am a registered republican and faith based christian. I refused to be selfish, pious,judgmental, critical about others. They do not walk in my shoes and I have not walked in theirs. Scripture says if you know to do good and don't to you it's a sin, or if you have the ability to help and tell someone I'll pray and send them away is a sin. I don't want to be identified with any political group, religious group or radical group. I want to be identified with Jesus. Because if we walk in love we will not fail ever. His word is true. That is where my faith lies. This world nor any group will not pressure me to be anything less than love. And to all fellow Jesus followers according to your faith be it unto you. Don't persecute others with greater faith and knowledge than you. Learn to appreciate others more than yourself. Put others first. Who are others, family, friends and the world around you.

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