Philanthropy…Is There Anything More Noble?

  By Bruce Vyverberg
Philanthropy is a remarkable thing!  It is people who have been blessed in this life with varying degrees of wealth, stepping forward to share it with and for a worthy cause. This generosity may be used to help build a school or university, enable the research and hopeful cure against disease such as cancer, or simply feed and clothe those who have suffered a catastrophe, or fallen through the cracks of life. Whatever the cause that sparks this kind-heartedness, it is an incredibly honorable and worthy endeavor.  Without it and without those willing to generously and selflessly play their part, where would this country or world be?

While not readily as recognized, the oldest and greatest philanthropic work in this world by far is the promotion and proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While other causes, no matter how noble and worthy, typically provide only temporal benefit to their recipients, the Gospel message will change one’s life and destiny for eternity; and that’s a long time!

Jesus, the Christ, gave His life for the eternal souls of mankind. May this knowledge inspire us all to take this truth into consideration when planning our own personal philanthropic giving, whether it be large or small. How better to honor the Savior Himself than by eagerly and generously giving to support the cause nearest and dearest to His heart.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ; the oldest and greatest philanthropic work the world has ever known.

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