I have been born again to Christ for many years, eleven I think, and God has done more miracles for me than I will ever remember. Not because I am anything special but because He is grand and full of love and so kind, powerful, real and everlasting.

These words do not even touch the greatness of His being. I am constantly overwhelmed at His Love for me and so very grateful that He loves all who rejoice in His presence the exact same. I love God, He is my best friend. When I don't act holy according to His word he makes His love known even more so that I will get back on track. There will never be a greater friend to man kind or me than God all mighty who we serve in and through Jesus.

Yesterday morning around 6:30 am, no big deal I am always awake that early, I get a phone call that goes directly to my answering system. I happen to be laying in bed because I had been awake since 2:00 am and wanted to get a quick nap, so I missed the phone call.

When I listened to the message, it was a friend of mine on his way to work being touched and moved by the Holy Spirit. He was nearly in tears and he said "you are loved, how deeply you are loved, walk in the word today and for me and my life you have been such a blessing" the message went on for about a minute and at the end he said "God just wanted me to tell you how much you are loved"

I am so undeserving of His love, but He loves me anyway. What a great start to my day. I did my normal daily routine and went to sleep while viewing television as usual. I always go to sleep with the television on and the remote control lays directly beside me. I woke up to use the bathroom and layed back down. I grabbed the remote control to turn down the television and went back to sleep.

I woke up for the day and was listening to a guy on the television selling knives, some early morning commercial. I never looked at the television, I still had my eyes closed. This guy was telling me about a particular knife he was selling and all of a sudden the broadcast ended and I heard a gospel group singing a song about God opening up the windows of heaven to poor out a blessing on me that I could not contain it. I thought about how great God was and what a cool way to start the day.

I had concluded in my mind that there was an abrupt end to the previous broadcast do to poor commercial scheduling at the TV station. After the song ended the preacher said "God is going to poor out a blessing on you that you can not contain and welcome to the camp meeting". That was it for me; I was getting up and not for the reason you think.

I was going to turn that television off. I was not going to listen to another preacher trying rip off Gods people with false hope based on the attraction of emotional giving as apposed to loving God and helping others from a pure heart. I am sick of that preaching and it is all a lie from the pit of hell. So I began to feel around the bed for my remote control to turn the television off. I still had not opened my eyes.

The preacher said let's go back to worshiping the Lord. I thought, "that's good, I don't have to listen to this guy" and I could not find the remote control, which was in bed with me when I woke up to use the bathroom and I had already used the control to turn down the television. Where was it? All I knew was that the preacher was not talking and that was OK with me. The praise and worship was great, so I just listened but I thought that the volume was awfully loud and I had to find the remote control which forced me to to open my eyes, turn on the lamp beside my bed and begin looking through my covers to find it.

I never looked at the television the entire time after opening my eyes and the music was so loud. I figured the remote fell behind the bed and I was now going to manually deal with the volume. So now I looked at the television for the first time in this brief moment of time. What I saw on the television was two guys facing each other talking. It did not make since because I was listening to a gospel group praise and worship. I thought what is going on, so I manually turned off the television.

The music kept playing. It was coming from my living room. I walked in the living room and the television was on blaring this gospel music. I started raising my hands and praising God. I knew God had done this. I was dancing and praising lifting up holy hands to God.

Just to make sure that I did not allow my own mind to fabricate a scenario that would explain this happening God does something else. It goes like this. I was dancing and praising God and crying and thinking how great my God is, I looked down at my computer and there was the bedroom television remote control in my living room in front of my computer. The same remote control that was in my bed a few hours earlier. So God muted my bedroom television with the knife guys talking and turned on the living room television so that I could be blessed.

That's a great two days of blessing. Intense.

Joe Sprott

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