“A beautiful woman who lacks discretion and modesty"

Proverbs 11:22
“A beautiful woman who lacks discretion and modesty is like a fine gold ring in a pig’s snout.”
by Bruce Vyverberg
Today in America, our television, magazines, commercials and now even our communities both large and small are inundated with young girls and women dressed immodestly.  Because of their desire for fashion and sensuality, many are dressing increasingly more provocatively each year.  This slide into improper dress has also unfortunately made its way into the Christian community; which is even more of a shame because in all honesty, there is nothing more inappropriate than a woman who shows off more than she should for all to see.
While the unbelieving girls and women of our world may well continue to dress this way and even more so, this behavior is totally against the commands of the Lord for His daughters.  Because of this, my advice is that all women check themselves regularly to see if their daily dress is truly appropriate for public display.  If it is, you are truly the most beautiful creatures on this earth.  If not, you could be once again.  If your dress is too short; lengthen it.  If your blouse is too low, raise it.  If your pants are too tight, get a bigger size.  Covering up those previously uncovered parts is not only right, but it also will bring a peace and purity to your heart and mind that is irreplaceable because your body is not meant to be put on public display.  Give it a try.  You’ll see what I mean.
We’ll talk about that word “discretion” in Proverbs 11 and what it means another day.

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