To much of the world has crept into the Christian way of life. Christians are allowing the ways of the world to influence there thinking and actions.
The world is under the sway of the devil and his minions and they continue to press forward with their evil agenda. The church has become weak and un unified. The body of Christ, in general, has fallen prey to the lust of the eye ,the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. We look to Hollywood, political leaders and ungodly individuals for answers. Most Christians don't read their bibles on a regular basis and don't know how to rightly divide the word of God.We are allowing schools and other institutions to usurp our parental rights and our rights as a Christian to worship and pray and call upon our Lord any time we want to. In closing let me say this The lord told us to occupy till He comes and to defend the Gospel in love. We cannot forch our way of life on people who do not know the Lord nor want it. we must walk in love defending our rights as a Christian. Dressed in the full armor of God moving forward to defend what is ours and what the Captain of our faith died on the cross for. Stand up stand up for Jesus ye soldiers of the Lord.

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