Return to Me; for I have sought after you, but you have continued on in pursuit of your own ways. I have called to you, but you have disregarded Me. I have placed obstacles in your path, hoping that you would stop and consider and ask of Me, but you have obstinately and determinedly forged on ahead.
Have you learned no wisdom? Have past lessons feld your mind? Are My dealings with you forgotten?
O stubborn and rebellious child, has MY love no longer the power to melt your heart? have My words that you once so treasured become of no value to you?
Put down your anxieties, and trust Me for everything. You need nothing but what I am fully able to supply, with no effort on your part. I do not ask all My children to live in so complete a degree of trust, but I require it of you, because you cannot please Me with anything less.
You are weary, and you should be strong. You are encumbered, and I would have you free. You are hindered by undue concerns, when you should be abounding in joy.
Come back into My perfect will, and finish the task I have assigned you. Anything else is sin. What may be legitimate for another is not so for you.
Come close to Me, and I will minister to you and revive your spirit. So shall you go on, even though the climb is steeper than ever before.

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