Political correctness in the church is destructive and divisive and un-Godly. It,along with the culture of money and accumulating things is deceiving and manipulative. It is drawing in people seeking after prosperity or how to get rich quick and in some instances portraying God as the supreme money machine instead of Biblical salvation through Christ Jesus. The conversions are many times not heart felt and not in faith.Political correctness marginalizes the body of Christ and pastors are becoming more and more apprehensive to preach about the recompense of sin, hell,the devil and so forth.Churches attempting to be seeker sensitive diminishes the power of God's word and the presence of the Holy Spirit. We must return to the Word of God,the fear of God and the turning away from sin. Unity, love and our allegiance to Christ and the furthering of His kingdom must dominate our scope and direction. Our commitment,loyalty,dedication and obedience is essential to live a Christian life and to help others to realize the love of God and forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ our Lord unto salvation.

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