Maw” Was Her Name And Prayer Was Her Fame!
 by Connie Vyverberg
The only memory I have of my great grandmother, Maw, we called her, was of her sitting in her rocker every day, all day, with an open Bible in her lap and a smile on her face.  I still have memories of playing at her knees and having a strong sense that we were not alone in the room. Yet, when I looked around, there was no one there but her and me.   Today, as I reflect back, I recognize that other Person in her bedroom.  It was the unseen presence of God that emanated from that dear woman; leaving a lasting imprint upon my heart and mind.  She was a woman of faith and although she is now in her heavenly home, her prayers of old continues to live on in the heart of God, targeting future generations of loved ones she left behind. 
Not everyone can make a mark in society and or leave a family legacy behind them.   However, the most honorable and enduring impression anyone can achieve in this life is one that makes a mark on the heart of God through their prayers.   This is the mark that means the most and it is man’s highest privilege to do so.   Ancestry prayers last far beyond the grave.
After Maw passed away, her extended family has fought through many painful trials and to this day continues to face obstacles with uncertainty.  Even so, many of us take comfort in realizing what power there is in prayer:  Understanding that it is not in our prayers alone that God hears and answers. We know that the Lord recalls even my mom’s, grandmother’s and even “Maw’s’ prayers for their families.   As Mother’s Day approaches, may those who are raising children in a turbulent world take courage in their struggles by trusting in the unseen presence of a prayer answering God.   This alone should encourage us all to continue to be steadfast in our prayers for others; because we have a God who never fails!
Happy Mothers’ Day!

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